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What You Need To Know About Police Brutality.

When you are a public speaker, there is a high chance that you will be required to give a speech on diverse topics and when you stand people are expecting that you fill in all the gaps of the questions they have and of course that you have the answers,police brutality is one topic that requires more media attention

Police officers are entitled and trusted to provide law and order, they are government agents who are responsible for maintaining peace however sometimes they will break these principles and endanger the people’s lives by being brutal and they end up abusing their rights and powers.

People trust the police officers with their lives and these are the people who are supposed to maintain law and order however sometimes the public will feel danger since at times these police officers abuse their power and lead to police brutality.

Police misconduct are the activities which are done by the police officer like witness tampering, false imprisonment and spoiling the evidence, this kind of misconduct is shocking especially when it is coming from a law officer and this is termed as police misconduct.

There are different forms of police brutality and the most common one is the physical one where the police will use too much force on someone like batons, teasers, pepper sprays and other things which will cause pain or even a gun.

There are many forms of the police brutality and this can be like verbal abuse, false arrests, psychological repression, discrimination, sexual abuse, racial profiling and police corruption, these forms are hard to identify and hard to prove, but if they do happen ensure you have reported to these police brutality attorneys who will manage to handle these cases.

The Journal of Policing and the Society indicated that most of the law makers will not report when an incident happens, mostly will opt to keep quiet when they engage in a misconduct and this will prompt some of the police officers to follow suit since no one is making a follow up.

The history of police brutality dates back to the 1872 when it was first reported that a police officer assaulted a civilian at the Harrison Street Station but in the 19th century and it has been recorded to more prevalent nowadays.

Lately, because of the numerous cases of police brutality, the media has been in the forefront to report and advocate for the end to police brutality, you will find most of the media station are opting to educate the people on what to do and where to report in case such things happen.

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